So let's say that I've managed to sort of write ten-ish (10-ish) songs in the past five years, and that some of them might be decent (by Chick Maggot standards, at least).

Should I...
a) rally up the troops and try to keep writing/polishing as if it were our next album, or
b) maybe just get some people together, record them and release them online as they come along?

Write me:

Also, would you like to be involved in the process of putting these songs out?

Oh yeah, and should I change all of the fonts to Comic Sans?

...all of the fonts in the world?

Chick Maggot: Zero Dollars, Zero Sense (2005)

Click for larger image.

Kill the Radio (& Red's Sucks)
Be My MJ Watson
Dumb Drunk Skank
Mall Night Clubs Suck
You Can't Spell "Standard" Without "S-T-D"
Go Eats a Bag of Hell (Hello World)
Our Favourite Crazy Gal
Hey Hey Blah Blah Goddamn Life
We Won't Be Bought Out
We're a Bunch of Fuckin' Idiots
Tell the Capitalists to Fuck Off
Let's Change the World


Chick Maggot: Keeping the X in Xmas (2004)

Click for larger image.

6 winter tunes for your enjoyment!

Family-Free Xmas Dinner (No Need For Pants*)
Shinny, Shinny, Shinny
Santa Versus Jack Chick**
Rudolph Whupped My Ass
Here's Your Stupid Present
Auld Lang Syne (Featuring Uncle Outrage***)

*Chick Maggot recommends wearing shorts or sweats or sweat-shorts or a skirt! Do not go completely pantless around your friends.
**For more info on Jack Chick, just Google "Jack Chick"!
***Yeah, it's been done before...but Uncle Outrage sang on this one! UNCLE FRAKKIN' OUTRAGE, PEOPLE!!!

Chick Maggot: The Worst 20 Minutes of Your Life (2002)

Click for larger image.

Don't forget the our 2002 release (with Jamie on drums).

Dumb Idiot Crap (Worst Band In the City)
If I Grow Up, I Wanna Be an Anarchist
Drummers are Idiots (Guitarists are Assholes)
Ballad of the Asshole Band
One Chord Rock
Prince (Crown Prince) of the Nerd Herd
Happy As Dog Poop (I Feel Warm Inside)
Shit, Shit, Shit, Fuck, Fuck
I Wrote This Song For Me
The Only Punk In Penhold
The Last Stupid Song/intro to Sump'n 'Bout Kids
Sump'n 'Bout Kids


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